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Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury Living with Control4 Home Automation Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury Living with Control4 Home Automation

Let Smart Technology Bring Comfort and Convenience to Your Home

Imagine your home responding to your every need, even before you realize it yourself. Is it a dream? Not if you equip your Destin home with the power of a Control4 smart system. Envision your shades gently rising to the soft glow of dawn, your favorite playlist greeting you as you step into the kitchen, and your lights dimming to create the perfect ambiance for an evening in. At GHT Group, we make this dream real, transforming your living experience into one of unparalleled ease and sophistication. Join us as we explore how Control4 home automation can redefine your concept of Florida living.

Envision Your Dream Home with Lutron Lighting Control Envision Your Dream Home with Lutron Lighting Control

Bringing Light to Life with the Lutron Experience App

Imagine a home where light bends to your will, creating atmospheres that reflect every mood and moment. For many Birmingham homeowners, it isn't easy to envision how reimagining lighting can transform your home. They say seeing is believing, and these days, there’s an app for everything. Lutron, the leading company in home lighting control, has combined both ideas into the Lutron Experience App, a portal to a world where lighting and shading solutions come alive. At GHT Group, we're excited to use this tool to help you envision your Alabama abode transformed with the power of Lutron lighting control and shading solutions. Learn more about the Lutron Experience app below!

Unveiling the Aria EVO X, the Latest in Focal Speakers Unveiling the Aria EVO X, the Latest in Focal Speakers

An Accessible, Elevated Hi-Fi Listening Experience

In the world of high-fidelity audio, Focal speakers have long been synonymous with excellence, and the introduction of the Aria Evo X line heralds a new era for audio enthusiasts in Atlanta. Building on the revered Aria 900 series' legacy, the Evo X range promises an elevated auditory experience, blending Focal's rich heritage with groundbreaking acoustic advancements. This line is meticulously engineered for the purest sound, catering to music connoisseurs and cinema fans alike. Prepare to be immersed in the depth of sound like never before as we delve into what makes the Aria Evo X an excellent, accessible option in Focal audio.

Define Your Audio Experience with the New Sonance Design Gallery Define Your Audio Experience with the New Sonance Design Gallery

Discover the Wide Range of Architectural Audio Solutions for Your Home

In years past, having music in every room meant having audio equipment in that space. In the 1990s, speakers built into ceilings and walls—often called architectural speakers—became popular in larger homes, offering the ability to distribute music to many rooms from a central system. Initially, architectural speakers weren’t a match for their freestanding counterparts. Many were excellent for background music, but not quite up to the level for more critical listening. Over time, these speakers advanced with innovative design and installation features that vastly improved the audio experience. 

Starting about 15 years ago, the pendulum swung back to an audio system in every room. Why? Digital audio and networking made it possible to place a connected, all-in-one speaker in any room with just an electrical plug needed, while internet connectivity and digital formats made it easy to access music and play it anywhere. Is there a problem with that solution, you might ask? No, but that approach has several limitations. To explain why, Sonance, one of the earliest pioneers in architectural audio, has created the Sonance Design Gallery—a place where Santa Rosa Beach homeowners can understand the new and wide array of options in built-in audio and learn how to create a more immersive, customized audio experience for their Florida home. Let’s explore what you can learn from the gallery in more detail below. 

The Sony Picture Frame TV: Elegance Meets Innovation The Sony Picture Frame TV: Elegance Meets Innovation

The TV as Art for Design-Forward Homes

The evolution of televisions from stylish centerpieces to wall-mounted flat panels has left style-conscious homeowners and interior designers with a dilemma: the large black rectangle that dominates the room when the TV is off. Sony's X93L TV, in collaboration with Leon's custom frames, offers an elegant solution that turns heads in Atlanta homes. The innovative Sony picture frame TV blends the best of Sony’s display technology with artistic flair, transforming your television into a piece of art when not in use. Discover how this designer-approved transformation ensures your TV complements your home's aesthetics instead of compromising them.

Control4 Unveils New Horizons in Home Automation Control4 Unveils New Horizons in Home Automation

Embrace the Future with Enhanced Surveillance, Lighting, and the Latest System Updates

Welcome to the connected era where home automation has become the cornerstone of modern living in Alabama. Control4, a leader in smart home solutions, consistently sets the standard for sophisticated living with its intuitive systems. At GHT Group, we are proud to bring the latest Control4 innovations to your Birmingham home, offering personalized environments where every interaction is tailored to your lifestyle. With exciting updates like enhanced surveillance monitoring and innovative LED lighting control, there's never been a better time to embrace the convenience and elegance of Control4 automation. Join us below as we explore the cutting-edge features that keep Control4 at the forefront of smart home technology.

Elevating Entertainment: The Art of the Home Media Room Elevating Entertainment: The Art of the Home Media Room

Crafting Multifunctional Spaces for the Ultimate Media Experience

For many Florida homeowners, the concept of a home media room is evolving from a luxury to a lifestyle. These spaces, far more versatile than traditional home theaters, offer a unique blend of entertainment, comfort, and technology. At GHT Group, we understand that a media room is more than just a place to watch shows and movies; it's a multifaceted environment where design, technology, and functionality meet. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in cinematic adventures or host a lively game-watch night, our expertly designed media rooms cater to all your entertainment needs while seamlessly integrating with the aesthetics of your coastal home. Join us as we delve into the elements that make a media room an essential part of modern living in Santa Rosa Beach.

GHT Group: Expanding Our Horizons to Birmingham and Beyond GHT Group: Expanding Our Horizons to Birmingham and Beyond

GHT Group Acquires The Residential Arm or Audio-Video Excellence in Birmingham

Expanding a technology integration business beyond its initial market is a complex endeavor. It demands considerable investments in facilities, fleet, and personnel, not to mention the in-depth training required for the many technologies and products we offer. GHT Group's growth into Birmingham has been strategic, stemming from opportunities rather than massive external funding. We're excited to share how we've brought over three decades of our professional service from Atlanta to Florida and now Alabama.

Enhance Your Home with Premier Lutron Lighting and Shading Solutions Enhance Your Home with Premier Lutron Lighting and Shading Solutions

Experience the Convergence of Luxury, Control, and Innovation with a Lutron Installer

Are you seeking to elevate your Atlanta home with sophisticated smart home solutions? As a premier Lutron installer, we at GHT Group specialize in transforming your living environment with the seamless integration of Lutron’s innovative lighting and shading systems. Our tailored approach ensures that every installation is a perfect symphony of luxury, functionality, and aesthetic finesse. In this blog, we'll unfold five compelling reasons why Lutron stands as a paragon of excellence in home automation and how our expertise as Lutron installers makes us the go-to team for discerning Georgia homeowners. Join us below to learn why Lutron is number one in lighting and shading for luxury homes. 

Blazing a Trail: The GHT Group Story Blazing a Trail: The GHT Group Story

From Garage Beginnings to Leading Technology Integrator

This post is going to be a little different than most. Rather than focus on educating and informing you about a product or solution we offer, we want to turn the spotlight on ourselves. What is GHT Group? How did we get started in home technology? What drives us? What is our culture like? We hope you enjoy learning about our journey from a garage startup to a major technology integrator in the Southeast. 

Why GHT Group Should Be Your Lighting Partner Why GHT Group Should Be Your Lighting Partner

From Design to Control, GHT Group’s Lighting Expertise Can Redefine Your Home

Have you ever considered how lighting can redefine the luxury and comfort of your home? At GHT Group, we've seen firsthand the transformative power of lighting tailored to the rhythms of daily life in Alabama. It's not just about illuminating a space; it's about crafting an ambiance that elevates your living experience to new heights. With a touch of innovation and personalized design, we bring a level of sophistication to your home that's both remarkable and attainable. As your local experts in lighting control, we’re committed to guiding you through a journey where every flicker of light accentuates the beauty of your space. Join us as we delve into the art of lighting control, and let’s explore how GHT Group can turn your Birmingham home into a portrait of elegance, with every shade of light reflecting your style and vision.

New Year, New Home, New Tech! Make 2024 Your Year for Home Automation New Year, New Home, New Tech! Make 2024 Your Year for Home Automation

The 4 Critical Features to Consider for Your New Home

Is 2024 the year you are building your dream home on the beautiful Florida Emerald Coast? With any new home, you likely have a vision of what you want it to be. It might be a second home, or it might be your retirement home. Maybe it will serve both purposes. Perhaps you want the same amenities as your current home or something totally different. Regardless of all these decisions, you should seriously consider the top home automation features that will keep your home feeling up-to-date many years into the future. Moreover, it's much easier to plan these features in the design phase, integrating them into your building and interior design plans to take full advantage of all the possibilities with smart homes. Stay with us below as we detail the four key smart home features every Santa Rosa home should have in 2024. 

Get the Full Home Theater Experience at the GHT Showroom Get the Full Home Theater Experience at the GHT Showroom

Our Newly Revamped Home Theater Will Inspire You

For over three decades, GHT Group, originally known as Georgia Home Theater, has been at the forefront of home entertainment in metro Atlanta. Our commitment to showcasing the latest and greatest in audio, video, lighting, and smart home technology is exemplified in our constantly evolving 20,000-square-foot showroom in Marietta. We feel that entertainment and home technology are not just about features and specifications but the total experience. What's it like to have lighting control? How does truly immersive surround sound feel? How do a large screen and projector portray the incredible details in modern films? 

GHT Group's journey began with a focus on home theater, a passion that has only grown over the years. Our new home theater showroom lets us show off our passion for creating dazzling home entertainment experiences and hopefully inspires you to have us create one for you. Please stay with us below as we describe the major parts of the revamped home theater, and we welcome you to come into our showroom to experience it for yourself.

The Future Is Here with Smart Home Automation The Future Is Here with Smart Home Automation

How Can Smart Home Technology Change Your Life?

Were you captivated by the futuristic ease and sophistication depicted in the Jetsons’ home? This iconic 1962 show envisioned a 2062 lifestyle, complete with advanced appliances for effortless living and even whimsical flying cars. While we may not have reached the era of aerial automobiles just yet, the level of smart technology available today would certainly astonish the Jetsons. Imagine having lighting systems that respond to your every desire and home entertainment options that personalize at your command. These are not just concepts; they are real, advanced smart home technologies that truly epitomize the essence of a futuristic lifestyle. The future the Jetsons dreamed of is no longer a distant year like 2062; it's a present-day reality awaiting your exploration, and you can discover the reality of home automation today right in your own Birmingham home. What does it look like? Stay with us below.

Enhancing Outdoor Living with Luxurious Lighting Enhancing Outdoor Living with Luxurious Lighting

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with Light

In the pristine 30A area of Florida, outdoor spaces are not just an extension of the indoors; they are a significant part of enjoying the Emerald Coast lifestyle. As dusk descends, the role of outdoor lighting becomes paramount, transforming these spaces into enchanting realms of beauty, safety, and functionality. Not only can lighting enhance the outdoor spaces you see and use, but it also enhances the beauty of your home to anyone who passes by, accentuating its best features after dark. And for those that visit, lighting provides a welcoming embrace, guiding them safely into your sanctuary. Continue reading to learn how to use lighting to accentuate outdoor living and create a more inviting setting after the sun sets in this coastal haven.